Oct 2019–Jan 2020
For Thomas Keller’s latest cookbook (his sixth), we were tasked with creating a book that extended and expanded on the Keller brand story. Released 20 years after the first French Laundry cookbook, this new tome is reverent of Keller’s quarter-century history at French Laundry while also evolving the Keller brand to compete in the lively, crowded cookbook space of 2020.

Under the lead of Creative Director Eric Heiman, Allier worked as a main designer for the book. From typeface selection, layout design to cover design, she played with the rhythm of rich and refined, with an attention to the fine details.

Volume Inc.
Creative Director: Adam Brodsley, Eric Heiman
Project Manager: Nicole Sorci
Designer: Jon Hioki, Yuya Yoshida
Design Intern: Allier Ho, Elizabeth See

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