Sleep is where some of humanity’s most incredible creations got their start. What would happen if we remembered our dreams?

Student project at
Academy of Art University
Mobile UI/UX 
Interaction Design
6 weeks project
Explore of a chosen topic that identifies an everyday problem and develop solutions through a design approach. The dreamer is an app that documents and analyzes dreams.

Design Principles
The function should support the user to easily document their dreams.
Getting users to use the App habitually.

Ideation on S.N.N.I.F and flow
From the difference between visual, and auditory feedback in a sleeping environment, I concluded:
  • Visual: Minimise cognitive load.
  • Auditory: Can use a series of escalating alarms to wake you up. The gradual increase in volume helps you better remember your dreams by taking you through your hypnopompic state (the transition from asleep to awake) much slower than a standard alarm clock.

Competitive Analysis
The additional research for current apps in the market with the goal of:
  • Understanding the pros and cons of different alarm UI.
  • User flow of the process from setting the alarm to recording function.

Usability Testing
After final sketches and quick prototype, here are some insights:
  • Alarm UI feels mechanic, could be more visual oriented.
  • The “stop alarm” buttom could have more ralationship with the upcomming action.
  • Include simple questions to help jog the memory.

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