Student project at
Academy of Art University
Branding, Print, 3D Modeling,
UI/UX Design
Skindependence is a reliable source of scientifically based skincare information that helps people choose the right skincare products by educating them about skincare and understand what their skin is trying to tell them. The brand aims to break the myth in skincare and reveal the truth to the public.

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There’s no “one-size fits all”
approach to skincare.

— Hanna, Sephora Powell St. SF Skincare Consultant 

Deliverable 01
A strong way to get the word know my brand and to connect to my audience was to create an event. An skincare event that will have dermatologists to help answer your skin questions and educate people the right skincare knowledge. 

Driver: Skindependence promotes the idea that everyone’s skin is unique and needs individualize skincare system.

Deliverable 02
This app can examine products for harmful or toxic ingredients by scanning the barcode. This app can provide immediate help and guide people how to choose. Also, there's a skincare box feature. Users can shop for samples on there before they buy the actual size skincare product.

Driver: Skindependence helps women worldwide to gain confidence and knowledge to take the best care of their skin.

Deliverable 03
Video oriented website
The mission of this deliverable is to spread the right skincare knowledge to the world. I designed a video oriented website, featuring dermatologists and scientists in the videos.

Driver: Skindependence is a reliable media to help people treating right to their skin.

Long Term Objectives
For the long term objectives, we want to keep building our database. Based on the data, we can easily see the trend and also have better understanding the common problems. Accordingly, we can hold events that meet their needs or even create bigger events cooperating with some good brands and organizations. As science advances, Skindependence will embrace new insights into the safety of chemicals in personal care products.

Through Skindependence, we put the power of information in consumers’ hands. When people know what’s in the products and how those chemicals may affect their health and the environment, they can make informed purchasing decisions—and help transform the marketplace.


Student project at
Academy of Art University
Mobile UI/UX, Interaction Design
6 weeks project

Explore of a chosen topic that identifies an everyday problem and develop solutions through a design approach. The dreamer is an app that documents and analyzes dreams.

Sleep is where some of humanity’s
most incredible creations got their start.

What would happen if we remenbered?

Design Principles
The function should support the user to easily document their dreams.

Getting users to use the App habitually.


Since I only had 6 weeks to finish the entire prototype, I quickly dived into ideation after research.

From the difference between visual, and auditory feedback in a sleeping environment, I concluded:

  • Visual: Minimise cognitive load
  • Auditory: Can use a series of escalating alarms to wake you up. The gradual increase in volume helps you better remember your dreams by taking you through your hypnopompic state (the transition from asleep to awake) much slower than a standard alarm clock.

I did additional research for current apps in the market with the goal of:

  • Understanding the pros and cons of different alarm UI
  • User flow of the process from setting the alarm to recording function
After final sketches, I did a quick prototype and here are some insights:

  • Alarm UI feels mechanic, could be more visual oriented
  • The “stop alarm” buttom could have more ralationship with the upcomming action
  • Include simple questions to help jog the memory

The main color is purple since it often associated with wisdom, creativity, and magic. Combined with light yellow and orange represents incredible ideas that came from dreams.


Student project at
Academy of Art University
Branding, Strategy

To rebrand a dead, dying or defunct brand, to give it new life.
Create a new marketing strategy and visual system while retaining the brand’s original essence.

Matchbox is a popular toy brand which was introduced by Lesney Products in 1953, and is now owned by Mattel, Inc. By the 1960s, Matchbox was the largest brand of toy die-cast cars worldwide, churning out a million of the tiny cars per week. 

The new Matchbox will evolve beyond simply selling the toys. Instead Matchbox provides you with limitless options of what fun can be within constraints. And let you immerse yourself in the world of fun. From this point, Matchbox can be turned into a brand that helps people face life’s obstacles. To cultivate enjoyment in life through partnership with organizations and companies that have the same objective and commitment to create positive impact.

* This is a student project. It is created for academic fair use and is not intended to represent the Matchbox brand in any way.*

The new fun of Matchbox

To achieve mission of the brand, the new Matchbox brand expends fun from school to home and work. Each catagories has various products and services for people to enjoy their life with more fun.


Student project at
Academy of Art University
Print, Visual System, Typography
Creative Quarterly
2018 Issue 53 Graphic Design: Student Winner

HOW International Design Awards
2018 Student work: Merit Award

Creative Quarterly
100 Best 2018

Create a specimen kit for a chosen typeface. Bell Centennial, designed by Matthew Carter, was commissioned by AT&T in 1974. This telephone directory typeface was designed for aesthetic and technical reasons. The special deep ink traps allows the ink to fill in and smooth out the character stroke, which solves industrial issues.

This type specimen kit brings more attention to this wonderful typeface, Bell Centennial. To celebrate the beauty of the delightful inktraps and to communicate with readers that this typeface not only is legible in extremely small point size, but also looks good as display type. I used pink and Persian green to create retro feeling with a modern twist to reintroduce this beautiful typeface.


Client: Soohoobook Inc.
Role: UI/UX Designer
UI/UX, E-commerce
GreenBox dedicates themselves to support local farmers and promote healthy eating. Redesiged the official website and various web presences to create new digital experiences and microsites from scratch.

To build better, more consistent user experiences by developing reusable components and patterns, and by creating processes and tools to make the design systems easy to use. 

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