Student project at
Academy of Art University
Print, Visual System, Typography
Creative Quarterly
2018 Issue 53 Graphic Design: Student Winner

HOW International Design Awards
2018 Student work: Merit Award

Creative Quarterly
100 Best 2018
Create a specimen kit for a chosen typeface. Bell Centennial, designed by Matthew Carter, was commissioned by AT&T in 1974. This telephone directory typeface was designed for aesthetic and technical reasons. The special deep ink traps allows the ink to fill in and smooth out the character stroke, which solves industrial issues.

This type specimen kit brings more attention to this wonderful typeface, Bell Centennial. To celebrate the beauty of the delightful inktraps and to communicate with readers that this typeface not only is legible in extremely small point size, but also looks good as display type. I used pink and Persian green to create retro feeling with a modern twist to reintroduce this beautiful typeface.

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