Student project at
Academy of Art University
Host by San Francisco State University
Print, UI/UX
Graphic Design USA
2018 Health+Wellness Design Awards Winner 

Select a sign from an existing organization to improve. Facilitate better overall communication by developing a visual system. The sign I chose is from Health Promotion & Wellness office in San Francisco State University­­—a Body Positive Group. It is a school organized event that lead by experienced and professional people. I design a poster series, a brochure and a website to promote the Body Positive Group event for SFSU students.

The visual grew out of the theme “healthy & bright.” This event will makes you want to pursue a state of complete emotional and physical well-being. I chose photography captures the face, body motion and objects that convey a positive and cheerful feeling. In order to make the deliverables pop out in the environment, I used bold colors and duotone effects on all photos.

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