A Harvest Hidden in
Plain Sight

Student project at Academy of Art University
Print, Illustration, Editorial Design


Design a conceptual cookbook on a chosen topic. Create a cohesive visual system representing the look and feel of the cuisine. This conceptual cookbook introduces the benefit of common edible weeds in California to the public. Recipes from main course to dessert that use weeds as the main ingredients to encourage people reconnect to nature.

To forage in the wild seems like a fun and relaxing activity, but it actually needs a certain level of knowledge and experience. The forager must be good at observing the natural environment in order to search for food and make sure it is safe to eat. I illustrated plants with call outs to make characteristic and uses of the plant easy to understand. The earthy color palette and the cream paper stock with texture on it convey nature and the spirit of foraging. The typeface, Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk reflects the quirkiness of the plants, Bernier Distressed brings out the roughness, and Daddys Hand indicates warmth.

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